Editorial Guideline

Editorial Guideline for ItsCourtTime.com

ItsCourtTime.com is an independently owned website dedicated to tennis and related topics.

Our Content

At ItsCourtTime.com, we produce comprehensive reporting, analysis, and commentary on tennis-related subjects through written articles. This editorial policy outlines our approach to content creation. If you believe that our work does not meet these standards, please reach out to us.

Reporting Standards

We present stories accurately. When dealing with potentially sensitive or unavailable information, we actively seek comments from involved individuals or organizations. If we receive new information post-publication, we promptly update or add new content. Any identified factual errors are verified and corrected.

We extend the right of reply to anyone mentioned in our stories for clarification or correction. We refrain from publishing information from sources, whether named or anonymous, without attempting to verify it. We protect the anonymity of our sources and do not compensate them.

When referencing information from other publications, due credit is given with prominent links to the original work. Travel and accommodation support received from third parties are disclosed in relevant articles.

Professional Relationships

In our interactions with tennis players, publishers, and other entities, we maintain professionalism. We may agree to embargoes or sign nondisclosure agreements when necessary, ensuring these agreements do not compromise our work’s honesty and integrity.

If a company ceases communication with us (blacklisting), we strive to uphold our reporting standards independently. Out of respect, we avoid publicly discussing such incidents unless editorial integrity is at risk.

We do not accept promotional items or gifts from publishers and creators, except for items essential to our work. Unrequested promotional items may be sold, given away, or donated.

Advertising & Commercial Activities

ItsCourtTime.com maintains a separation between editorial and advertising departments. Editorial content is solely at the discretion of the editors and is not influenced by commercial considerations.

Our advertising team adheres to fairness, honesty, and transparency in dealings with advertisers. We reject autoplaying, offensive, or inappropriate advertising content and promptly remove it from the website.

Occasionally, we include affiliate links to retailers, like Amazon, in our articles. These links, which do not impact editorial decisions, are neutral and explicitly related to the mentioned product.